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Kraft & Vintage Business Cards

Natural, earthy and eco-friendly to boot, our vintage and craft business cards are a warm yet luxurious product. Whether your business has an environmentally friendly message to spread or you just prefer an organic and natural look, then our craft business cards are a great option for your brand. Our world is set at a fast and furious pace these days, so amidst all of that technology it’s nice to return to products that feel handmade and from the heart. The recycled brown paper base of this stock acts as a wonderful canvas for your text and images to really come to life.


350gsm Kraft


450gsm Kraft


600gsm Kraft


250gsm Kraft


250gsm Loof

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Try adding our foil finish for a really dynamic contrast. The images below will give you a great idea of what’s possible with our vintage and craft business cards. Let your eco-friendly story shine!

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High quality business cards say a lot about your company and your values. The recycled material automatically connotes environmental friendliness and a commitment to caring. They tie you to strong ethics and can help to establish trust with the people who receive them. The handmade look and feel, displays your attention to detail and commitment to quality ahead of quantity.


  ExtraCraft 350gsm

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Organic-looking and with a fabulous old -world feel, our uncoated Extra Craft eco friendly stock perfectly captures a craft-like charm. Its slightly mottled colour finish creates a lovely earthy aesthetic.


  250gsm Craft * Eco-Friendly

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Earthy natural and beautiful organic based eco friendly stock is very and most popular stock from our craft and vintage range.


  250gsm Speckle

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Organic yet oh so sophisticated, Speckle is a medium matt stock that displays a wonderfully Environmentally friendly feel. With its recycled paper appearance it conveys a wonderful made by hand visual. Black diagonal lines on the flip side set it apart in style.


  250gsm Particle

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

The shimmering flecks of gold and neutral tones found throughout this beautiful stock makes it unique and affords it a craft -like feel. Most definitely a choice that stands out.


   250gsm Loof ( Craft )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

A quasi-handmade vintage stock Loof is an ideal digital craft stock for small cquantities.


   320gsm Kendo ( Digital )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Featuring very subtle fibres spread randomly throughout the surface, this stock evokes an organic and eco friendly aesthetic. It feels warm and inviting.

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