premiun business card premiun business card

Luxe ( Luxury ) Business Cards

Rough yet, fabric like textured Luxe stocks are one of the best quality hard-edge stocks. With its extreme thicknesses, Luxe can bring a strong contrast between its surface and finishes. Available in naturally white Soft Cotton, Pulp, dark cold 1000gsm Black stock and 600gsm Eco Craft, you can choose from any one of these ranges to create your own special cards.


  600gsm Soft Cotton

250gsm business card 250gsm luxe business card

Commonly used for letterpress process, 600gsm Soft Cotton is famous for its smoothly finished uncoated surface, which brings an exquisite quality product.


  600gsm Eco Craft

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Upgraded from 250gsm Eco Craft, 600gsm Eco Craft extends its beauty of vintage look with its rigid and thick nature.


  1000gsm Black

250gsm business card 1000gsm black

One of the best vintage and fabric like stock, a roughly finished surface of 1000gsm Black can bring a beautiful contrasting outcome with extra finishes.


   700gsm Pulp

250gsm business card 700gsm pulp

Similar to the Soft Cotton stock, 700gsm Pulp is a perfect solution for cool white surface, which gives a sense of authoritarian finish.


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