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Sticky Notes

Keen to make your message really stick?

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and target their customers.
Sticky notes are a great way to increase your brand awareness quickly and easily. Here at Fast
Printing, we have a wide range of styles and designs which are sure to make your business really
stand out.

Why not have them on hand for tradeshows as a clever promotional giveaway. It’s a great goodwill
gesture and reinforces your brand. It’s smart business! Giving useful promotional gifts such as this
one ensures a customer will remember you, long after the tradeshow or promotion is finished.

Choose from our selection of colour sticky notes, or try a craft paper finish for something new and
unique. Available in a great range of colours to suit your business requirements, our sticky notes can
even be cut into a shape or logo to really drive home your brand ethos. Maybe you have a cupcake business – well we can easily create this fun shape for you.

Here is a little bit of extra info to help you with your selection and decision process:

+0Easy to order and available in days (Standard 9-10 working days)
+0VIP delivery option (6-7 working days)
+0Minimum order quantity 500 pads
+0Printed one colour, two colour and full colour process.
+0Various paper colour option : White, Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue (Fluoro Stocks Available)

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