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Durable Outdoor & Car Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are the all-rounders among our products. Processed with solvent inks, they are weatherproof and UV resistant. They are perfect on cars, windows, poles, and buildings or anywhere else outside, you want your brand to be seen. Our bumper and custom car stickers are extremely durable for all weather conditions and we guarantee they will last for up to 2 years, minimum. Depending on what you put them through, our products could even last for much longer without any fading! Car sticker printing is a great way to add a bit of one-of-a-kind flair to your vehicle or property. Back your favourite footy team, tell everyone a funny joke or advertise your business – it’s your choice with Fast Printing!

Why vinyl car stickers?

These pieces can be used on the outside of your vehicle and are sure to last you for a long time. Our car bumper stickers printing service can print your design on white and clear (transparent) vinyl stock. For car windows, we also recommend outdoor clear vinyl or reversed window products, which allow you to stick them onto the inside of the window and are still visible from the outside. These are the types used for car services and parking permits. Strong enough to stand up to a hot Perth summer or a wild Cairns wet season, our personalised car stickers are guaranteed to last for 3 to 5 years and are extremely durable in all weather conditions. They are made using solvent inks, and they are therefore UV resistant and waterproof.

< Fast Fact >

No order is too small for us, thanks to our new digital printing option, so even if you only want one or two stickers, we can deliver!


White Outdoor Vinyl ( Bumper Stickers )

Gloss or matt lamination is available, so whatever you prefer, we can print it for you.


Clear Outdoor Vinyl ( Bumper Stickers )

Don’t forget, now there is no minimum quantity for this stock, as it is printed digitally. These stickers are recommended for car bumpers, car windows, glass surfaces and business storefronts.


Window (Reversed) Products (Double Side Printing Available)


Digital Window Products (Single Side Printing Only)

These car stickers can be fixed inside of car windows or glass, and will be visible from the outside.

< Application >

It’s a breeze! Just be sure to clean and dry the surface before you apply the sticker. Do this and your bumper stickers will adhere beautifully to any surface you stick them on. There are plenty of great samples for you to check out below, all you have to do is decide what you’d like.

Bumper Stickers

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