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Art Board ( Standard Business Card )

When something works, why complicate it? Artboard is a tried and tested product - it is classic, slick and the most common stock for business cards.

Fast Printing offers 6 different thicknesses of art board stock ranging from 220gsm to 420gsm. There are plenty of great options for you to choose from, whether you want a matt or a high gloss finish – you decide. Any artwork or images of your choice can be added to the underside of your cards, which will give them that extra dash of the dynamic! If a consistent, simple and stylish aesthetic is what you desire, then artboard business cards are a great way to go.

At Fast Printing you should only expect high quality business cards that are cost-effective. We really do deliver premium quality business cards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: in fact, we can deliver our products Australia wide.


300gsm Artboard + Matt Lamination


300gsm Artboard + Gloss Lamination


250gsm Artboard


250gsm Artboard + Matt Lamination

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Spot UV is a popular finish at the moment; this finish creates a wonderful effect and will make your brand message stand out.

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Please note spot UV is available on 300gsm or 420gsm premium artboard stock.
We can do both sides on 300gsm, however only single side is available with our 420gsm.

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