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Clear Stickers

Clear stickers have a semi-glossy look and are waterproof. Thanks to their crystal clear nature, they allow you to see through them, when they are applied on surfaces. If you’re looking for clear stickers, paper isn’t going to be any help. Work with a vinyl sticker printer who can deliver quality each and every time.

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Transparent Vinyl Labels & Stickers

Our transparent or clear stickers, are made of vinyl and can be printed in a single colour, two colours or in a full colour processes. Our range of products also comes in other finishes, like our fabulous foil, which is hugely popular with many of our customers. For logo stickers that don’t look cheap and your customers will want to use, choose the Fast Printing sticker professionals!

Clear Vinyl Stickers

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White Ink ( Colour ) Process :

In this process, white areas of logos or business branding are simply converted into a clear stock. However, it is possible to produce white colour on transparent surfaces, by adding an extra process. When using the transparent stickers on a dark background, the colours do not stand out due to the transparent nature of our vinyl labels stock. In this case, we recommend the white colour process to be done underneath the actual colours. This is to avoid the severe transparency of the colours when printed. If you are a little unsure get in touch and we can make everything clear and transparent – literally!

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If you want to use these outdoors, remember they need to be UV resistant. We recommend our stock number 20 for outdoor clear vinyl stickers.


Outdoor Transparent Vinyl Stickers (UV Resistant & Waterproof)

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