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Craft (Kraft)Paper Stickers

As the world tunes in to a more eco conscious and environmentally friendly mindset, there are also changes in the materials we gravitate towards.
Recycling, re-using and do-it-yourself projects are a big part of our lives now, not only because mother earth really needs our help but their natural and unaffected aesthetics are really appealing.
Craft paper stickers have an organic and home made feel that creates a sense of authenticity and connection to consumers. Naturally light brown in colour craft paper stickers have the characteristic of recycled paper, making it feel as if the material has been created by hand and from the heart.In a world of high gloss and black and white basics, craft paper stickers are fresh and unique - this is a very popular stock right now.


Craft Paper Sticker

Craft paper is similar to premium paper stock (Our stock #10) in texture – raw yet elegant and certainly a one-of-a-kind cool. This product gives extra attention to detail and looks fantastic with strong colours like black, gold or green as contrast. Because this is a matt surface stock you can easily write on it should you need to add in extra information or prices.

We are the customising specialists so if you have any concerns about logo colours or specific details don’t worry, we can easily fine-tune this for you.
Fast Printing can help you bring your environmentally friendly branding to life.

Craft Paper Stickers

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Craft paper stickers give extra attention to detail and look fantastic with strong primary colours or foil finishes like black, gold, silver or white as contrast.

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