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Craft & Vintage

Apart from the fact that it looks really cool and cutting edge, craft paper stock is a very welcome addition to our wonderful Mother Nature. Craft paper stock, also known as Kraft paper, is an environmentally friendly product left in its natural state – meaning no dyes or chemicals are used to produce it. As our radar tunes in to a more eco conscious mind set, this stock has become very popular. Normally reserved for boxes and bags, Fast Printing turns it into business cards, stickers, envelopes, post–it notes and more with a variety of thicknesses and finishes on offer.

Business Cards

Recycled and eco-friendly, craft paper looks fabulous for business cards and conveys a sense of thoughtfulness to your customer. Up-cycling, reusing and DIY is a big part of our global community now. In a world of mass produced and mega technology it’s nice to see, touch and feel something that feels handmade and from the heart. Craft paper will give your business cards that natural aesthetic, adding a raised white, black, gold or silver foil finish looks incredibly eye catching. Full colour can also be used on 300gsm craft paper.


Stickers are not just limited to normal paper stock. This variety of stickers provide a fantastic vintage look. It is easy to write on and gives your product a lovely earthy feel.


First impressions count and envelopes are the icing on your brands creative cake – it’s what people see straight up before they delve inside to read your message. Fast Printing helps our customers to really make a statement with 100gsm craft paper custom envelopes.

Post It Notes (Sticky Notes)

Post it notes are handy little devices and definitely a favourite in offices the world over. Give them away as a promotional tool to promote your business - who knows where your message will end up! Creating them in craft paper is a unique creative option to make your company stand out.

Invitation Cards

Celebrating a birthday, wedding or maybe even a vintage fashion event? Well, our vintage stock will provide an elegant and earthy feel for your invitation cards. We provide all the shapes and sizes you can imagine, and our fabulous foil finishes provide a striking contrast. Why not team your invitation cards with matching craft vintage envelopes?

Swing Tags

To provide an eco-friendly and organic feel to your fashion swing tags, then consider our vintage stock.
The natural brown recycled paper provides a gorgeous canvas for your message, and you can add foil or raised finishes to really make your branding come to life. This creates a stunning creative contrast. We even have ties for you, if you need them.

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