embossed business card embossed business card

Embossed Business Cards

Subtle yet heartbreakingly chic, embossed business cards are classic and classy without having to shout about it. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication’ – as Leonardo da Vinci once said. Embossed business card use a process where the images or texts are pushed from the other side of the business card creating a raised surface on the front. So simple, yet oh so chic!

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Embossing differs from the raised printing process because raised still has a smooth surface on the other side of where it is printed. Due to the nature of the pressing, embossed printing will reveal its print mark on the other side of the embossed area.

Embossed Business Cards

This classic finish is dripping with style as both text and images are delicately pushed through from one side of the board to the other, resulting in a superb effect that evokes class. This classic style makes these cards highly favoured by executives and professionals.

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For something different try Debossed. This is where the images or text are pressed on itself rather than from the back. Debossed is a cheaper alternative to letterpress printing and will give you an engraved like effect that looks really eye catching.

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