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Embossed Stickers

Things are pretty fancy in the embossed side of town - this is the ‘Gucci’ of the sticker world!
Finished in gold, silver, bronze or even red, if you are feeling extra fancy, these stickers look outstanding and are all truly classy! Embossed stickers are ideal for certificates, promotions, gift items, awards, wedding invitations and extra special events. If you want to class it up a bit, try using embossed stickers, you’ll be amazed how they turn ordinary into extraordinary.


Embossed Stickers

These products are made by placing the engraved look on one side of the paper, then that image is pushed from the back and popped out the front. It creates a really beautiful, polished and high-end effect.

Have a look at the stunning examples, we have produced for existing clients, below and let your imagination run wild.

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For something extra special and one-of-a-kind look, why not try debossed stickers? Basically, this is a type of sticker, where the print is inverted or set back instead of raised. Debossing delivers a completely different look and adds that creative edge to your letter, certificate and invitation, as well as to any type of arts and craft projects.

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