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Foil Business Cards

Foil business cards are a favourite amongst our valued customers. Foil conveys a sense of prestige and luxury; it sends a message of sophistication to your clients. Metallic foil is transferred through heat on to the surface of the stock; this makes the area shiny with a brilliant metallic hue. Available in various finishes such as gold, silver or bronze printing. Coloured foil printing in shades like red or black look great too. With its raised like texture, the foiled printing process emphasizes the lustrous characteristic of the finish to the viewer. Have a look at the business card images on this page to see the possibilities.

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Foil Business Cards

Using a specialised heating technique, this dynamic finish will unleash the brilliance in any design. Your lettering or logo will shimmer with style in colour finishes including silver, gold, hologram, black, red, blue and green.

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Sizes and shapes for these types of cards are aplenty. Standard rectangle or square shapes, rounded edges or why not try a particular image or icon that relates to your brand.

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For an extra eye catching splash why not try a Hologram, this will certainly make people pay attention to your business cards. Available in white, black, red, green, blue, pink, purple and more!

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