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Fridge Magnets

Smart branding is about solving peoples problems and being front and centre in places where they frequent the most…like the fridge! If you are after a business fridge magnet in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere else throughout Australia, Fast Printing has the perfect solution.

Here at Fast Printing, we can customise an order of fridge magnets to create the exact message you want to stick in your customers mind. So many options are on offer to you - hundreds of colours, a world of stock choices and any shape or size you can dream up. We will make sure that they look modern and stylish and set you apart.

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When you order 1000 fridge magnets with Fast Printing you’ll receive 1000 gloss paper stickers FREE! Fast Printing will provide you with the cheapest and best fridge magnet options in the country so jump online or the phone and let’s have a chat! Read through the product details below to help you make the best choice for you and your business.

+ Modern and stylish - 0.4mm thickness gloss.
Our magnets are laminated and are non-marking.

+ Full colour (CMYK) process & photographic quality printing guarantee. So rest assured your message will look slick and sharp.

+ Fast turnaround time: 6-7 working days and your purchase will be on your doorstep…
or should we say fridge!

+ FREE design service for basic typesetting and layout is included

Magnetise your opportunities and design a high quality fridge magnet. Sydney, Perth, Adelaide – we ship Australia wide for your convenience.

fridge nagnet printing

fridge nagnet printing

fridge nagnet printing

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