Hologram Stickers Hologram Stickers

Hologram Stickers

An absolute rainbow of creative options are on offer to you, with our eye catching hologram stickers– their beautiful, bold and electric tones, really set the scene for some show stopping style! The unique quality of these stickers will truly complement your packaging and products in a very alluring way.

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Research shows that consumers perceive a higher value for products with holograms. These types of stickers are often used on documents, collectibles, ID cards, retail goods, for brand authenticity and other important assets. If you want your products to look valuable and attractive, these products can truly add a new level of sophistication.


Hologram Stickers

Whip up a creative colour storm with our dynamic stickers and really set your business a step above the rest. There are some fantastic sample photos below where you can see the hologram effect in all its glowing glory. This is fun and individual branding at its best.

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If you don’t see a stock that tempts you, don’t worry we have some great additional pattern and design options that are really something special.

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