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Letterpress Cards & Invitations by Sydney Craftspeople

A vintage method producing gorgeous work. Here at Fast Printing, we are honoured to offer this iconic medium and believe we provide the most professional and beautiful letterpress business cards and invitations for Australia’s professionals and soon-to-be-newlyweds. We choose to print on the imported luxurious and 600gsm thick cotton paper with passion and perfection.

Why letterpress printing?

It will give your message a vintage and elegantly old fashion feel and now we are excited to offer colour edging as a fabulously artistic feature for this style of card. Also done by hand, our colour edging looks fantastic. Regardless of the handmade nature of this process, expect your charming and chic letterpress cards in 6-7 working days. If you would like letterpress invitations or business cards that are extremely unique and produced with amazing craftsmanship and time honoured tradition, then we highly recommend letterpress printing by our talented team.

< Fast Fact >

Letterpress is the most ancient form of printing. Its origins can be traced right back to 15th Century Germany, where it was created by Johannes Gutenberg. This printing technique remained the primary form of printing until the 19th century. Everything was done thoughtfully by hand and the process is stepped in tradition and story.

Classic, Professional Style

With its stylishly pressed surface, this printing technique will take your business into a realm of professionalism and sublime quality.

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600gsm will give you the best result, however there are many other stock thickness options on offer.

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