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Permanent ( Power ) Paper Stickers

If your stickers need some heavy-duty stickiness, here at Fast Printing we recommend either power gloss paper (our stock #09) sticker or power matt paper sticker (our stock #19) for extra adhesiveness. The sticking power of this product is super strong, perfect for indoors and those hard to adhere to surfaces.


Power Gloss Paper Stickers ( Permanent )

This is the power player in the sticker world. As its name suggests Power Gloss Paper Stickers have extra self-adhesives that standard gloss paper stickers don't. In short, these stickers really stick!


Power Matt Paper Stickers ( Permanent )

The sticking power of this product can be easily applied to Matt paper stickers as well.
With built in extra self-adhesives that standard matt paper stickers lack, this stock will take care of your adhesive desires.

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Super Strong Paper Stickers ( Ultra Permanent )

The power paper stickers not enough!? Ok no problem… introducing the Super strong paper stickers. These guys are so strong and sticky that they can be used on tiles, curved or bumpy surfaces and illegal parking notifications.

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