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Raised Business Cards

Bring important details to life by choosing our raised business cards to sell your story. Similar to the embossed printing process, raised business cards are a tactile experience and can be felt when touched. The trace of the embossed printing process feels softer to the skin, whereas the raised printing process is a little coarser in texture.

We are the customising experts so if you have a particularly creative or definitive idea that you like to achieve for your business card then we can deliver. Look at the examples of our work with would these stunning business cards to date and be inspired by what’s possible for your brand. With its double special effect and stunning high gloss detail, the printing process offers you a professional and divinely designed card.

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Particularly effective when used for logo’s or brand images, raised business cards employ a printing process where pictures or texts are solidified with pine extracts.

Raised Business Cards

Chic and sleek, these cards make a bold statement with their impressive raised finish. Using a pine extract placed on top of lettering or images, the finest parts of your card are raised to the surface with elegance and panache.

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Did you know: the pine extracts solidify on the card, creating an extra glossy effect; this makes it really eye catching for the recipient.

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