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Removable Paper Stickers

If you are producing stickers for use on clothing, books or white goods, you make sure your product is not marked or damaged. Well may we recommend removable paper stickers.
The opposite of our power and super strong sticker stock, these guys are a little lighter on the sticky factor. They have a lot less adhesiveness, making them easy to peel off and leaving zero marks behind them. All the creative and aesthetic options are still up for grabs for you including size, shape and effects and of course we are here to help get everything looking perfect for you.

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As an economical alternative, why not try white vinyl stock (our stock #03) or silver vinyl stock (our stock #04) Vinyl stickers won’t leave any residue and are much cheaper than removable paper stock.


Removable Paper Stickers

If you’d like to visit the less sticky side of sticker town then removable paper stickers are a great option.
+0 Easy to remove
+0 No marks or residue left behind
+ 0Great for using on items like clothing, books or appliances
+0 Full style and creative options available

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