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Silver Vinyl & Gold Vinyl Stickers

If you want your stickers to look seriously slick but at very affordable price then our silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers are absolute stars! Their luxurious appearance conveys a classy and expensive feel and will place your business look at the forefront of style and professionalism. This is a very thin shiny vinyl stock, commonly used for labelling, gift-wrapping and packaging. They will add fantastic attention to detail to your branding. There are plenty of shapes and sizes that you can create and don’t forget we are the customising specialists, so if there is something specific you want to achieve for your company then let us know.


Silver Vinyl Stickers ( high gloss stock available )

Silver vinyl stickers are specially designed for heat absorption.
Silver vinyl stickers are often used for products like computer hardware, machines and microwaves. This product is thin and shiny, so if you want to add stylish character to your labelling, then fast printing strongly recommends silver vinyl stickers.


Gold Vinyl Stickers

Gold vinyl stickers are exactly same as the silver vinyl stickers, except they have their own decadent gold hue. They have become a very popular choice for health and beauty product labels because of their distinctive and extravagant look. Gold naturally conveys a message of prestige or expertise.

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For more protection, gloss or matt lamination is great for longer sticker life and keeping scratches and marks at bay.

Silver Gold Stickers

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