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Spot UV Business Cards

Before you even say a word, the products you use to promote your business or brand speak volumes. Spot UV business cards are the next level of style and offer a more extravagant printing quality than the gloss laminated printing process. Rather than coating the whole card, just the images or texts are coated in gloss - the contrast with the other matt laminated surface of the business card really makes this kind of printing stand out.
Spot UV Business cards have an intriguing shadow like nature. At first glance you see one perspective, then take another glimpse and the business card expresses itself in a different light. The reflections create contrasting viewpoints and story…it becomes a visually captivating experience for your customer. This style of printing will give your brand a unique and interesting message.

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This type of printing is often confused with a raised finish; however, its smooth flat aesthetic is very different from the more prominent appearance and feel of the raised printing process.


420gsm Artboard SPOT UV Business Cards

The quality look and feel of Premium Artboard is accented by a translucent Spot UV finish that pops in the light. Perfect for that extra touch you’ve been looking for.


300gsm Artboard SPOT UV Business Cards ( Double sided )

If one side does not satisfy you, how about printing it on both sides for a fantastic price? 300gsm stock is much cheaper option for Spot UV, and we can do this for both sides. You want your card to look great on both sides, 300gsm is the best stock to make it happen.

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