Static Cling Stickers Static Cling Stickers

Static Cling Stickers

Static cling are very clever little stickers, they have no adhesiveness at all but a wonderful ability to attach themselves to windows or glass effortlessly yet be removed and reused if needed! You can thank the wonderful world of science for that one and of course white vinyl. They are really popular on fashion items like sunglasses, white goods including electronics and microwaves as well as mirrors. A wonderful sticker solution without once ounce of stickiness in sight!


Static Cling Stickers

Due to the their convenient removability, static cling stickers won’t create any marks or residue on the product they leave behind.
You can also reposition them anywhere you want and they will continue to stick time after time. Place on windows or glass doors so people can see your branding front and centre as they approach.

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If you prefer, clear transparent stocks are also available.

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