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Paper Based

Paper Based

Gloss Paper
Gloss paper stickers are processed in a high gloss and laminated texture creating a shiny and eye catching look.
Matt Paper
Not so glossy but sheen nature of this stock give you semi-gloss effect and not strong reflective finish. Able to write on and easy to be used for fun purposes.
Power Gloss Paper ( Permanent)
This is the power player in the sticker world. As its name suggests Power Gloss Paper Stickers have extra self-adhesives that standard gloss paper stickers don't. In short, these stickers really stick!
Power Matt Paper
The sticking power of this product can be easily applied to Matt paper stickers as well. With built in extra self-adhesives that standard matt paper stickers lack, this stock will take care of your adhesive desires.
Premium Paper (Textured & Uncoated)
Premium Paper Stickers are subtle yet extremely inviting, these stickers convey a message of quality to your clients. Shapes, sizes and all kinds of slick creative options are at your fingertips.
Removable Paper ( Gloss Finish Available)
If you’d like to visit the less sticky side of sticker town then removable paper stickers are a great option. Easy to remove, No marks or residue left behind, Great for using on items like clothing, books or appliances.
Super Strong Paper ( Ultra Permanent)
The power paper stickers not enough!? Ok no problem… introducing the Super strong paper stickers. These guys are so strong and sticky that they can be used on tiles, curved or bumpy surfaces and illegal parking notifications.
Matt Paper + Matt Lamination
Kraft Paper
This product gives extra attention to detail and looks fantastic with strong colours like black, gold or green as contrast. Because this is a matt surface stock you can easily write on it should you need to add in extra information or prices.
Gold Metallic Paper
Silver Metallic Paper
Bronze Metallic Paper
Copper Bronze Metallic Paper
Rose Gold Metallic Paper
Bubbling Black
Fluoro Paper
Orange, yellow, pink, green and blue are available and bright enough to catch even the sleepiest of eyes! All shapes and sizes are available and if you can’t see what you would like in our product display let us know and we can create it for you.
White wood
Going back to forest and greens this time? Bark textured Gmund White Wood stock represents the identical features of the trees and brings back the reminiscence of the greens right under your nose.
Cream Silver
White Ever
Wonderful way to express artistic finish Looking for something similar to watercolour paper texture? Gmund White Ever features its wonderful rough textures for you to experience crafty and vintage product.
White Leather
Are you a lover of leather? The strong leather finish on White Leather stock takes you to experience most exquisite finish of luxury expressions.
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