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Graphic Pattern Business Cards

Graphic pattern business cards, have a unique and extra special texture that will give your brand a sophisticated edge. Here at fast printing we like to keep ahead of the game by offering our customers as many creative and aesthetic options as possible and these original graphic patterns provide a completely different look. The designs on each stock is distinctive in its own way, delivering different styles. Be drawn naturally and instinctively to what attracts you, it’s a personal creative choice. If you need to bounce your ideas around with us please feel free, we are here to help and happy to customise your message to suit your business cards and your brand.

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This is a full colour process so keep in mind we can’t add highlights like foil or raised and embossed features. Please remember graphics patterns are only available for one side of the business card.


  250gsm Bewhite

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Featuring a stripe of bold aubergine, the semi-sheen finish of Bewhite really shimmers on a 310gsm sturdy stock. A keen eye will detect the subtle silver stippling that makes his card seriously outstanding and sees us overuse our alliteration.


  310gsm Square

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

hick and semi-sheen, this classy stock is finessed with an in-laid silver square pattern that gives it an extra dash of style.


  310gsm Flow

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Striking alternating silver diagonals highlight an accented strip on this sturdy semi-sheen stock. Flow exudes both professionalism and personality.


 310gsm Reaction

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Catch it in the right light and see the glorious opalescence that coats the semi-sheen stippling of this very special thick stock. It’s a showstopper!


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