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The Magic of Printed Invitations


The Magic of Printed Invitations

There’s no denying that the digital age has seen a decline in the amount of printed invitations for parties. E-vites, Facebook events and all things social media have taken over the classic physical invite. But we still think there’s a space for the most elite occasions to adorn a beautifully printed invite, personally addressed to the sender. Take a look at what makes printed invites so special. 

All about the style

A physical invite exudes style and class. Nothing preps the guests more than a save-the-date tailored to your event. A handwritten invitation, a shiny all-access pass, an exclusive invite, whatever event you’re planning, the invitation is what sets the stage. Get in early, ensure everyone’s well prepared, and establish the effortless style of your next party.

Creating exclusivity

Nothing says ‘you have to come’ like an exclusive invite. When you print out invitations, you allude to some level of prestige, a party that can only be accessed with your invite. This creates a buzz and excitement that an online invite just can’t recreate.

Establishes the theme

A custom made invite means much more than an announcement. When you create an invitation decked out with all the little pieces that establish mood, dress code and theme, you make sure more of your guests adhere to it. Nothing’s worse than a themed party where no one dresses up right!

A memory for good

The party is a success, but what keepsake do your guests have to cherish the memory? When you send out an invite, you have automatically provided your guests with a beautiful piece of time to remember. Whether it’s a wedding, a 21st, a 60th or an anniversary, a beautifully designed invitation stays in the memory box, without taking up too much space.

Know who’s invited and who is not

Not everyone is on Facebook, so ensuring you’ve got everyone included can become a hassle. With physical invitations you are in full control of who is invited, so no one misses the festivities. But just as you want to control who comes, you want to make sure others don’t come. No one likes a crasher, so keep things private with an official invite.

Got an event coming up? Order your invitations from Fast Printing and see how we can help you create an occasion to remember. Birthday, wedding, engagement or corporate event, your party starts with the invite.

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