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Warranty Stickers

Once a product is sold or worn it’s important that you protect your brand and of course the customers best interest. Warranty stickers are there to ensure that everyone conducts themselves according to the product guidelines. This can also be a proof of purchase if customers need to return faulty goods or have something repaired.

There are 2 different types of warranty stickers available - breakaway stickers and void stickers


Breakaway Sticker

Breakaway stickers are impossible to remove without destroying them. They are made using a specially formulated material. Delicate and very hard to peel away, it is a perfect solution to protect your important documents or items.


Void Sticker

Void stickers are high quality tamper evident labels. If you try to remove a void sticker it will leave a void text mark, proving that is has been interfered with. For this reason, void stickers are an extremely effective solution to keep a track on things. With void stickers you will know if the purchased goods have been opened. Explore our sample options below to see how warranty stickers can be of benefit for your business and the products you sell. We are here to assist you and look forward to your call.

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If you want a different aspect to your warranty stickers our hologram stock gives a solid guarantee and authenticity to your product.

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