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Your Top Tips for Standing Out From the Masses

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Your Top Tips for Standing Out From the Masses

Sometimes in the corporate world, illusion is all you need to stand out from the masses. If you’re achieving your business targets and raking in the statistics but just not quite engaging with new customers like you want to, then maybe it’s worth considering implementing marketing collateral to project yourself into the wide world.

Marketing Collateral Explained

So, you ask, what exactly is marketing collateral? Funnily enough, this blog post you’re reading right now is the perfect example of marketing collateral – it’s a compilation of varying types of media used to improve the sales or performance of a product or service. In the past, ‘collateral’ broadly referred to the kinds of promotional brochures or sell sheets implemented by businesses to hand out to clients to support their sales; however in today’s heavily saturated digital marketing landscape, marketing collateral is often used by businesses as both a branding tool and a way to inform potential customers about exactly what they can do for them. This makes marketing collateral an invaluable tool for businesses looking to burst into technicolour and make their services stand out amidst the endless grey seas of suits and ties.

Different Types of Marketing Collateral

While blog posts are certainly an excellent way to engage with possible customers and enhance your online presence, there are several ways to approach marketing collateral to suit the nuances of your own business. Some companies implement marketing collateral tools such as lengthy mission statements and press releases to extol their virtues to both customers and the media, while many simply get by using testimonials or even email signatures to give their business a much-needed boost above the rest.

Get Offline with your Marketing Collateral Efforts

Although most of modern marketing tends to exist in the realm of the internet, it’s also a good idea to ensure that your marketing collateral presence exists offline as well. Small touches such as professional looking business cards, sleek point-of-sale displays, company calendars or branded journals can make a great first impression, particularly if you’re dealing with older clients. Even the simplest of marketing collateral tactics such as sending out direct mail newsletters or handing out brochures to advertise your goods and services can create a memorable experience for the staunchest of clients offline.

Regardless of whether you focus your marketing collateral efforts towards audiences off or online, there’s no doubt that marketing collateral can make your corporate affairs bloom when used effectively. So, get brainstorming and think of some unique ways to make your business stick out today!

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